Welcome to the Florida Secured Transaction Registry

The Florida Uniform Commercial Code Online Filing system allows a user to submit the State of Florida UCC filing forms electronically. The following forms can be filed electronically: UCC Financing Statement (Form UCC-1), UCC Financing Statement Amendment (Form UCC-3), Addendum, Additional Information, and Additional Party forms.

Once the form type is selected, the user will be prompted to enter the necessary data. All filings submitted using the online filing service must be purchased with a credit card.

Within one session, multiple filings can be created. The filings will be displayed on the Summary Page and can be updated or deleted. However, all filings must be completed before proceeding to checkout and incomplete filings will not be retained from session to session.

After filings are submitted online they will be processed by FloridaUCC, LLC. Upon completion of processing an acknowledgement will be sent to the contact email or postal address provided by the user. The data for each filing will be saved on standard UCC Forms and these forms will be posted to the FloridaUCC web site.

Note: Please do not enter Social Security information on this website.

Attention Florida UCC Online Filing Users: FloridaUCC, LLC has updated login credentials for all users. Instead of a username, the user's email address will be used to login. Users with multiple usernames associated with one email will be required to select a single account for future access.