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Welcome to the Florida Secured Transaction Registry

The "Florida Secured Transaction Registry" is a centralized Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filing and retrieval system containing initial financing statements, amendments, assignments, and other UCC filings as authorized by Florida Statutes Chapter 679.

FloridaUCC LLC is the contract-vendor for the Florida Secretary of State that provides for the organization and maintenance of the Florida Secured Transaction Registry and is duly authorized to accept filings for the Florida Secured Transaction Registry.

This website provides public access to the Florida Secured Transaction Registry for the review of filed documents. The public can also access approved filing forms and information on procedures for submitting UCC filing documents by mail, fax, walk-in service or by using online filing functionality.

Please browse this website to find information on forms and filing procedures, fees, data downloads, and walk-in services offered by FloridaUCC LLC.

Note: This office cannot provide legal advice or interpretation of the law. Please consult an attorney for advice on how to make your filing legally effective.

Attention Florida UCC Walk-in Service Users: Effective Monday, July 6, 2020, FloridaUCC, LLC will resume limited Walk-in service, subject to the following procedures.

Walk-In filers:

  • Will be limited to one exchange (drop-off/pick-up) per business day Florida UCC, LLC is open for operation
  • Must call the UCC Help desk at 850.222.8526, between the hours of 9:00am and 11:00am to schedule a same-day appointment with Florida UCC, LLC. Staff will assign appointment times between 2:00pm and 4:00pm daily.
  • Must verify, during the appointment scheduling, they do not exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 as defined at
  • Must wear a face covering / mask during the exchange
  • Must package items for drop-off in a single container e.g. sealed envelope, covered box identified with their name and phone number
  • Will use only the transfer location located at the front of Building D (the FloridaUCC, LLC entrance will remain locked and unavailable for drop-off/pick-up).
  • Must exchange items at the designated exchange location in one exchange
  • May not enter the FloridaUCC, LLC building

Florida UCC, LLC staff will:

  • Place items to be picked up at the exchange location prior to the appointment time
  • Monitor the exchange location to ensure pickup, and accept delivery of items. If the exchange is not complete within five minutes of the scheduled appointment time or if any of the above procedures are violated, FloridaUCC, LLC staff may cancel the appointment, retrieve any items schedule for return, and refuse receipt of items associated with the exchange.

FloridaUCC, LLC does provide an online filing option. Please click on the "Online Filing" option above to submit filings online.

FloridaUCC Contact Information
FloridaUCC, LLC
2002 Old St. Augustine Rd. Bldg. D
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Phone: 850.222.8526

Contact Information for Custodian of Public Records:
Loree Evans, Custodian of Public Records
2002 Old St. Augustine Rd. Bldg. D
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Phone: 850.222.8526

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